Saveorupdate not updating

Here’s the project’s final structure: The following XML section in package net.codejava.spring.dao; import Contact; /** * Defines DAO operations for the contact model.

* @author */ public interface Contact DAO package net.codejava.spring.dao; import

If the database is accessed directly then developers are having some control and they could fine tune its performance. There is a learning curve involved in understanding ORM library. Stock Transaction stock Tran = new Stock Transaction(); //stock Price Open(new Float("1.2")); //stock Price Close(new Float("1.1")); //stock Price Change(new Float("10.0")); stock Volume(2000000L); stock Date(new Date()); stock Stock(stock); Tran); Hibernate will generate only the necessary columns (DATE, STOCK_ID, VOLUME) for the insertion.In certain situations, such as a very large table with hundreds of columns (legacy design), or a table contains extremely large data volume, insert something not necessary definitely will drop down your system performance.Developers need to write SQL queries, process the result set and convert the data in the form of objects (Data model). I think most programmers would typically write a function to convert the object to query and result set to object.

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