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A supply point is a safety zone which the Hunt team may not enter, and contains one or more advantageous items that Prey teams may claim in order of arrival.Items located at supply stations have included: In the latter two cases, the eliminated team is determined by vote of non-eligible teams; in the case of a tie, the Hunt team casts the tie-breaking vote.They are also allowed to invite one other team to join them for the night between hunts.

The terrain is mostly dry, wooded, and hilly and located around 6,000 ft above sea level, making breathing difficult.At the start of each cycle, one team is randomly selected as the Hunt team, and the remaining teams are Prey.Over the course of these two days, the Hunt team stays at the Lodge, a special part of the camp with better shelter and improved provisions.The competition lasts for a month, and the teams, while still in the game, reside in a small camp named the Village and given meager food and rations, and otherwise forced to rely on survival skills for other resources.Teams are identified by matching color jackets they wear, and must stay together throughout the game.

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    Teams that are captured are kept in a cage-like area of camp and are given limited provisions and minimal shelter compared to the other teams.