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That’s why we’ve moved everything online so you can hold online networking events or virtual career fairs from the comfort of your desk (or your couch at home. Request a Demo Whether you work in career services, alumni advancement or admissions, the Brazen online event software can help you engage with your students and alumni.Learn how different University teams are leveraging the power of Brazen’s online event software. It’s Monday morning and your team just got out of a grueling two-hour brainstorm session on how to better connect your students with employers. Campus visits are becoming less frequent and on-campus career fairs are becoming more expensive. Instead of trying to reach out to alumni, try connecting alumni with each other. Online networking events, online resume reviews, and online professional development.If you do this, you will have a fantastic and wildly exciting road ahead of you.” -Krista Wallden, Delaware Third Grade Teacher Careers in education can be rewarding because educators are able to make positive impacts that may last for their students’ lifetimes.If you are considering a career in teaching, you should consider all of the career-related benefits that come with the job. But we all know that in person events can be expensive and difficult for people to attend. Networking events and career fairs are par for the course when it comes to engaging with students, alumni and employers.In addition to extended vacations around major holidays and spring break, it is possible to get your summers off.

Teachers who participate in collective bargaining or union agreements may receive additional job security.If you are strongly interested in math, history, English, or another subject, earning an endorsement in that area can keep you involved with your personal interests throughout your career – with the added benefit that your passion will engage students in the subject.Earning more than one subject endorsement can also add variety to your job and prevent your lessons from becoming repetitive.And then you remember Brazen’s online event platform that allows you to host virtual career fairs. And all this can be achieved through the Brazen online event platform.With all the features for inviting, hosting and following up built right within the platform, you just found your answer in minutes. So take one step to the side to let Brazen’s platform move you two steps forward. You want to attract the best and the brightest to your college or university?

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