Fuck sms chats

Like when our ever so beloved main character guy gets his movie funded by two weird old guys for a million dollars and the high fives go around.... And the main character's smile is not serial killer-esque in the slightest. The "blood" all over the blonde girl was violet and obviously marker or something of that sort. The green screens that were used frequently in the movie also prompted some "this is shit"-esque comments from the majority, as it was painfully obvious that the green screen was there, even to the point where the background was from an entirely different city, rather than Hollywood (forgot to mention this trash was "set" in Hollywood but it doesn't really matter). The ending capped off with Johnny shooting himself in the mouth, occuring bitch wife and Mark to follow the sound to Johnny's room. The genre of video varied from You Tube Poop to basketball skits to Deviant Art ratings to even Coldsteel the Hedgeheg. Luigi Dude's apartment, to be exact his PC desk, as he runs in and fucking slides right into his broken PC chair.

Plot developments happened and then soon enough Johnny was in his tuxedo getting ready for his...football game (or whatever it was). All the baby kid does is fart, and the kids make fart jokes. EVERY CHARACTER IN THIS MOVIE MAKES FUCKING FART JOKES It's like the writers are all fucking 65 year old rich white dudes who attempt to cater to kids by making all the characters snotty bitches who joke about vomit and farts all the time because their sense of humor is so bottom of the barrel that Vine memes might actually be fucking funnier. We're gonna skip up to the point where the bitch wife's husband finds out that bitch wife is a spy! R2-D2 DESERVES A FUCKING OSCAR FOR HIS ROLE AS R2-D2. Chewie and Han are flying through space in their epic 1977 space shit, as they are fighting with enemies only to burst into a conversation about Chewie's family um.... They call it "Life Day", but I'm assuming they mean like Christmas but for space? They throw the ball around like pansies in their tuxedos and look like fools, which makes the chat go insane with football quotes. We get to meet the whole family of fuckface annoying stupid ass characters! OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH WOW DIDN'T SEE THAT ONE HOLY SHIT STOP HITTING ME WITH THESE EPIC TWISTS, SPY KIDS WRITERS! I think it might be too unfair that I had to suffer through this shitty plot without you guys so I'll fill you in a little bit: Husband guy is the host for some "expose" show. And who did his wife, who is a spy, decide to marry? We pick up on our heroes at about 8 PM, as everyone starts piling into Luigi's Instasync to watch the famed 7.8 masterpiece Star Wars Holiday Special. The narrator introduces the actors, even the ones inside the costumes like Chewie and C3PO. Why does space get a special fucking Christmas holiday name? After that filler scene there's a spooky fight scene at the wedding or whatever. Well, Mark tells her "I want your body", and bitch wife says "Don't mind Johnny he's just being a big baby". The movie boots up and the skips start flying in like fucking mixtapes from 14 year old 3rd world country looking ass Bulls fans. And just gets out and goes to fucking time warehouse dumpster HQ CO TA. The most logical and obvious choice is the host of an expose on spies. Obviously husband dude is broke up about this and ends up losing his job for destroying a tape which featured his kids, his wife, and his dog beating up time shits. We get into the real good shit a little later in the movie when some hotshot time whore comes out from the shadows and tells the kids this long story about how as a kid he fucked up and got frozen in time and then sees his father die about forty years later. We begin our journey in the secluded Instasync room on the worst part of the internet... The chat died down after a while and eventually everybody either went back to LMR or went to sleep. In this SMS, the watchers viewed The Room, a movie that Tommy Wiseau directed, produced, created, and starred in. The movie's first scene was a confusing blur, featuring Johnny (played by, again, Tommy Wiseau) getting tickled up by his bitch of a wife when this Denny kid walks in and says very suggestive things which made Johnny respond in a calm matter, then Johnny and his wife just have intercourse. The group proceeded to ask if the movie was a porno, or if it was just the entire movie. Luigi Dude surprisingly had a relatively easy time finding the full movie on You Tube, though others didn't have the same experience. Then another sex scene happened and people went apeshit again.

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