Remington model 11 dating

Calling Remington will give you a more precise production date.remington journal Please everyone lose interest in these old Remingtons! If it is a good shooter, the drag ring probably isn't worn out yet. If it is a good shooter, the drag ring probably isn't worn out yet. its in the high 15XXX range , and while everyone is asking , any idea on the age ? looks like yours was made in late 1937 or early 1938.It also has "Remington UMC trademark" stamped on the bottom tang behind the trigger guard.I've read that there should be a date code stamped on the left side of the barrel, but all that's there is "FULL" and the right side only has a proofmark of "R.P." Other than the patent info on the top of the barrel, there are no other markings.Can anybody help me out or point me in the right direction to get this thing dated?I just got into them in the last year and now they are getting collectable and I haven't been able to find one cheap (0-ish) on GB in a while. He sold it to my uncle, whom I bought it from a little less than a year ago. It is one fun shootin' bastard, if I say so myself.I'm going to contact Remington, and if your lists are correct and this gun is 100 years old, I just added a gun to my list of safe queens. Here she is in full recoil: My Model 11 was made in 1942 and it definately isn't a safe queen.

If needed, I'll contact Remington about it, but I figured you guys might like a little challenge first.

It has zero markings on it as far as a date code go, nor does it actually say the model number anywhere.

It has "Remington trade mark" stamped on the top of the tang to the rear of the receiver.

For your Remington, you might want to consider replacing the drag ring and recoil spring. The journals with the serial numbers at remingotn Society only go back to serial number 199,611 which was produced in september 1919.

If We guesstimate about 1000 produced each month that makes about 84 months between 1919 and when your's was produced or 7 years prior, or 1912.

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