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None do better for you than MBNA Platinum Plus Mastercard’s 0% for 12 months promotional offer, making it our number one ranked balance transfer credit card in Canada right now.

With a 12 month interest holiday, 100% of your monthly payments during the promotional period go towards reducing your balance.

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Lo and behold, I am unable to since the card I want to transfer from is a TD card, and the fine print says you may not transfer from an affiliate.

Will this change or do I have to call someone about this? We’re confident that because MBNA displays your balance on their end, that they’ve received the transfer, which will soon reflect on CIBC’s side as well.Your second option is to try and get the better bonus by going through a different card first, preferrably one without a transfer fee.If you cancel the Platinum Plus now, you can still get another one in the future, after you’ve whittled that balance down with another card first.If I have a 0% transfer on the MBNA, then make a purchase for like gas or something.Each payment gets split between the 0% balance and the balance.

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