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"But deep down, I knew it would be something artistic. I started to go to [acting] classes, I studied, I took it seriously." To make ends meat the rugged, 6'3" actor worked as a bouncer in city clubs. Some of it was really tough to be around."In his off-hours, D' Onofrio sought out stage roles. Then, in 1984 he made his Broadway debut in (1987).

Pratt previously worked with D'Onofrio in another Western, the 2016 remake of "I've just recently talked to a guy at Disney who's seen some of the stuff cut together, and he was floored. This [Disney] guy was talking to me about the stuff that we've done and I was being reminded of what we've done so far.

American actor Vincent Philip D' Onofrio was born June 30, 1959, in Brooklyn, New York.

Since returning to his normal dimensions, D'Onofrio hasn't snagged a role as memorable, but has been reasonably good in Adventures in Babysitting (1987), Mystic Pizza (1988), and Dying Young (1991).

In 1991 he played an Argentinian pimp with peculiar ideas about propriety in Leonard Schrader's peculiar Naked Tango Recent credits include Fires Within (1991, with his then-wife Greta Scacchi), The Player (1992), Household Saints (1993), Being Human and Ed Wood (both 1994).

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