Tips for dating a recently divorced man

Dear Too, I applaud that you want to focus on your children and not make them spectators to your serially monogamous parade.I think that when parents split, children should only get to know significant others when they are truly significant.Dear Prudence, I applied to 12 art and design universities, a lengthy and emotionally fraught process which involves creating a portfolio of work highlighting one’s skills and creativity. I’m trying to remain positive with the understanding that I applied to some super competitive programs but it’s hard not to feel like I just suck.The college I’ll likely end up attending is in a place with a much less glamorous reputation than New York City, and after all the long months of working on my portfolio I’m embarrassed to tell my family and friends where I’m going.You have a specific career goal in mind, and you need a read from some objective people who aren’t admissions officers about your skills.Surely there are some art professionals at your current university, so ask them to critique your portfolio.

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I don’t want to break off a good relationship to go on a date with the new person, only to find that we don’t have much in common.I’m a slightly older student, as I’ve been at university in my home state for a few years but have changed direction in my career hopes.It seems impossible to feel like I’ll succeed after being told so many times I’m not worth the trouble of collecting a tuition check from. ; I bet you’ll find encouragement from the stories of those who felt sandbagged by the schools of their choice yet ended up prevailing in the long run.Don’t be embarrassed about the college you’re headed to.The only embarrassing thing would be not taking advantage of the opportunities you find there.

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