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(This raises all the usual questions about the compatibility of Islam with the West, which no mainstream politician or media figure wants to face).Nevertheless, in an effort to tackle a real problem (the spread of violent Islam) the state has, by accident or design, cast a wide net and now all Christian education not only inside but also outside school faces the prospect of monitoring – and then shutdown if they do not meet required standards.

One possible cause for hope is Jacob Rees-Mogg, the unfaltering MP for North East Summerset.The C of E is biting back, with the marvelously named Rev. I have loved the Lord as long as I can remember, and had a conversion experience when I was 8.Nigel Genders, who oversees Anglican education, saying: Revd Genders said the “blanket regulation” and powers of inspection that Ofsted is calling for are a massive burden, unhelpful and ineffective: “It would be creating a massive haystack and never being able to find the needle.” He argues there is confusion over the issue of tackling extremism because a distinction needed to be made between voluntary church settings and illegal schools. I’ve tried to read the Word of God and conform my life to it. It was the center of my life, although in high school the school began to take away from church’s centrality.He stressed that the church wanted to work with the government to keep children safe and if they have got concerns about particular settings “they should intervene.” But, he added: “It’s not for the state to tell churches how to behave or to get into state regulation of religion.”I write to you as if I am writing to a friend, because I feel that I know you. When I hit puberty, I began to experience attraction to other boys.I explained it away or ignored it for years, but eventually in college I came to accept that I was bisexual or gay (I do not believe in modern concepts of sexual orientation.

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