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April’s bad attitude breeds a healthy distrust of all forms of normativity, and empowers her not to care very much about what other people think. And of course she adores her three-legged dog Champion, even though he’s not very good at digging.

In early episodes, she’s a sulky intern with a semi-permanent sneer.

“My mom’s Puerto Rican,” April explains in “Sister City,” completely deadpan.

“That’s why I’m so lively and colorful.” And because she’s skeptical about everything — including mainstream cultural values — she’s one of the most open-minded characters on the show.

In “Campaign Shake-Up,” April finds a simple, cost-effective solution to Pawnee’s water fountain problem (town residents have an unsanitary habit of wrapping their mouths over the spout).

Afterward, Ron asks her to put her innate intelligence and problem-solving skills to work — even if it does violate her do-nothing principles and everything Ron ever taught her.

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