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The most common personality disorder found among people with chronic fatigue syndrome was obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, a personalitydisorder involving a maladaptive obsession with perfection, rules, and organization.

Maladaptive behavior patterns may in fact be risk factors for developing chronic fatigue.

The reduced levels of extraversion may indeed be a result of fatigue rather than a risk factor for fatigue.

It is possible that neuroticism is also either a result of the fatigue itself or a result of the same factors which are causing the fatigue.

Study participants diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome had to have experienced medically unexplainable fatigue that limited their daily activities for at least six months with four of the following symptoms: headache, muscle pain, joint pain, sore throat, tender lymph nodes, significant impairment of memory or concentration, unrefreshing sleep, and unusual postexertional malaise.

The study, published in , found that chronic fatigue syndrome victims scored higher in neuroticism, a measure of vulnerability to negative emotional states such as anxiety or depression, than both people without fatigue and people with medically unexplainable fatigue.

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Understanding the personality behind chronic fatigue will bring the victims of medically unexplainable chronic fatigue one step closer to getting proper help.

Victims of medically unexplainable fatigue, however, still scored higher in neuroticism scores than people without fatigue.

The researchers also found a reverse pattern with extraversion, one’s level of activity and sociability.

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