Research on hook ups and dating

A: I chose a primarily white, heterosexual sample for two reasons.First, most of the students at both universities I studied fit into those demographic categories.Although I do touch on how non-whites and other marginalized groups form sexual and romantic relationships on campus in my book, fully exploring this issue is an entire study itself.Q: How much of your interviews reveal what students perceive about hookup culture -- that is, what they hear from their friends and expect from popular culture -- as opposed to what actually happens on campus?Many researchers rely on college undergraduates as subjects for studies of human behavior. Bogle, an assistant professor of sociology and criminal justice at La Salle University who trained her scholarly lens on the students themselves, focusing on that cross-section was part of the design.When people talk about "hooking up," they're referring to a subculture with a complex set of rules and expectations.A: This is really an empirical question that I cannot answer given that I did not interview students who went to college 10 or 20 years ago.What I can say is that the term “hooking up” has been documented by those studying college slang terminology as being very common since the early to mid-1980s.

This research suggests that it was common for men and women to “pair off” at the end of a night of partying in order for a sexual encounter (including anything from kissing to sexual intercourse) to occur.So, while I cannot answer if it was fundamentally different in the past, I can say hooking up was happening 20 years ago.Q: Do instant messaging, Facebook and text messages play a significant role in your assessment of hooking up on campus?I also believe Hooking Up is ideal for adoption in a variety of courses because it will engage students and help them to understand how personal experiences are tied to larger issues in society.Q: You note that the vast majority of students and alumni you interviewed were white and heterosexual. How does your sample, and how it was chosen, affect your findings?

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