Clubbers cam 2 cam

“Baggers.” I was even unaware of this term in this context, until I read it in a magazine a while ago.

I thought of a “bagger” as the kid in the supermarket who bagged your groceries at the cashier’s register. Now, today’s “baggers” may differ from garbage wagons from the ’60s, as the earlier bikes were technically “full dressers” or “dressers” for short, which were infamous for their brackets holding 20,000 lights.

” I replied, “Nah, I’m too much of a loner.” That was actually the first time that I ever referred to myself as a loner, that I gave voice to this underlying feeling.

Another trend I was totally unaware of, since I was ensconced in my Me-And-My-Harley-Cocoon-Time-Capsule, was the adoption of baggers by many, even some one percenters.I guess that I find dressers–sorry, “baggers”—incongruous in the context of motorcycle clubs.In the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s, clubbers and independents alike were strippin’ down their Harleys for that outlaw look.It seems inconceivable to me, considering how one percenters used to view garbage wagons—with the greatest of disgust.Garbage wagons were the target of one percenters’ ridicule, and the one-eighty by some one percenters, is surprising to me.

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