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t's been said many a time that I resemble the staunchly cute Rachael Ray.

OK, my 5-year-old said it, once, last Christmas, when my hair was longer and I spent an afternoon baking pies.

First, the demographic: Who embodies low-cost dating better than young people? Central's student paper, The Campus Echo Durham Consider the romance of a home-cooked meal: "I love to cook."The Research Triangle, because of our colleges and universities, we're like nirvana of free information, ideas, lectures, entertainment. If going directly from Fiesta Grill, drive back east on Highway 54 for a quarter-mile, then take a left on Dodsons Crossroads, which you'll stay on for 3.5 miles until you hit Dairyland Road and take a right.Sometimes I think students on college campuses think if something's on the campus, it's not as cool if they're in a 'date' format, but actually if you think about it, what a great way to get to know one another." Find a free lecture or show to center your date around, and will buy a lot of coffee and dessert for after. Sarah Dessen Novelist Chapel Hill Make the most of a menu: "Sometimes we would just go out for appetizers, because we didn't have money for a whole meal. ' Have a beer, sit at the bar, have a few appetizers. Then we'd go home and make a frozen pizza." Stop #1: Fiesta Grill. The Country Store will be on your left in 1.5 miles, at 6900 Rocky Ridge Road. (Note: The farm itself is not open to visitors.) Optional detour: Hank Anderson Community Park.I think they're probably starting to hear things from their parents who say, 'We've got to be attentive here.' ...I'm sure this is bleeding into their social lives as well." But Bingham believes that Peace College's location, poised on the edge of downtown Raleigh, provides numerous free options for students' social calendars.

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