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Task Force Argos officers infiltrated the international child sex offender network who were trading images and videos depicting the violent sexual abuse of children.The completion of Operation Achilles and its associated sub-operations around the world resulted in the removal of more than 60 children from sexually abusive situations, the arrest of 22 network members globally and the closure of four commercial child exploitation websites.Argos identified the offender, and a search of his computer identified contact offences involving multiple children.One child was 12 years of age at the time, and had been befriended by the offender on the internet.The work of Task Force Argos in raising community awareness to the dangers of online predatory behaviour has been recognised globally.The team was awarded the International Law Enforcement Cybercrime Award 2011 (Gold award) by The Society for the Policing of Cyberspace (POLCYB), a Canadian-based organisation committed to enhancing partnerships in order to prevent and combat crimes in cyberspace.

Sign up for your free Brisbane chat account now and meet hundreds of Queensland singles online! As protector of the goddess, Argos was great and strong: sleep never fell upon his eyes, and he kept sure watch always.Technological advances and wider access to the Internet led the unit in 2002 to explore avenues to address growing community concern over the proliferation of child exploitation across the internet.Illingworth has called for an inquiry into how he came to be charged in the first place.Here's where you can meet singles in Brisbane, California.

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