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The questionnaire was based on the Cornell Selectee Index, a question-naire designed to indicate the presence of emotional maladjus-tment, which can be answered by a ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Each question is aimed at revealing the presence of some emotional difficulty, maladjustment tendency, or psychosomatic reaction.

from the quaint rustic hamlets of England's Childs Hill and Cricklewood - to the flashy fevered fleshpots of America's Beverly Hills and Hollywood... The website features details of the company's many distinctive publicity and marketing campaigns for entertainment projects and social & political causes from the early 1970's through to the present day.

Organizational efficiency is also hampered by the fact that we have inherited a number of beliefs and behaviour patterns from bygone and simpler days.

The results of a well-planned and implemented behavioural safety system can lead to inculcating workforce stewardship of safety systems, lesser accidents or incidents, near misses and property damage, acceptance of the safety systems and increased reporting of defects, near misses, and accidents.

Operations, Maintenance and HSEQ departments were initially targeted through the customized workplace questionnaire and one-on-one interviews.

19 cross-departmental interviewers were selected from different disciplines to allow the interviewee to answer candidly.

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