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Furthermore, no dealer in his right mind would try to photocopy a four centuries old book by placing it in a commercial machine face down and pressing it as depicted in the movie: such actions would inflict severe damage to the printing and binding, drastically affecting its worth.

Regardless those characters who see the book as a tool rather than a priceless collectible, Corso and the brothers Ceniza are experts in the matter, and would never treat such rare and priceless books that way.

In New York, the money-driven dealer Dean Corso is a rare-books expert and partner of Bernie, who owns a bookstore.

Corso also had the marks of the beast (fleshy weaknesses) in the scriptural sense, these were his addictions, alcohol and cigarettes, fornicating (sex outside of wedlock) and his unscrupulous business dealings, and he did not have any close personal relationships (aside from his business partner who was in his life to locate buyers to help him (Corso) make money) but lived for money.

I mean, it might, but if anything it's probably just a rumor.

Not to conjure up the devil, mind you, but just to check it out. And the only reason I knew all that stuff about the blond chick is I watched it the first time with a bunch of Bible scholars, and one of them was really into Revelations. Balkin committed all of the murders (Except the first murder.

So, they had a pretty good idea what was going on before any of us saw it. Corso's partner was killed by the "albino"; you could see his feet in the window right before the witch chased him off.) to get the etchings from all three books; this is obvious because at the end of the film Balkin has all nine etchings by "LCF" in his possession from all three books. Johnny Depp was Lucifer LOST in the human realm; you can see this for several reasons.

(Although I'm sure this particular person did some extra research just for the sake of the movie.) I can't give myself too much credit for stuff like that -- I'm not a good researcher, I just hang out with them. One, the nature of the keys, the purpose of these etchings created by LCF at an earlier time are to act as a sort of 'popcorn' trail from the earthy realm back to his own realm and are the keys to the ninth gate, or the realm of Lucifer.

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