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Presence of manganese and iron content in manganese nodule residue (MNR) played a significant role in Cd(II) ions removal.

and not pictured is our 04 Grand Cherokee and our 98 Cherokee.

Dave says that"The image of Steve plowing everyone's driveway in a tank top will live forever in my mind." Steve is still going strong at 86. I asked him if he ever got rid of it I would take it and restore it in his name - he gave it to me and in 3 months (and a ton of money) I had it restored. Exterior was repainted and engine compartment fire wall was waxed.

Same 29,000 mile engine and drive train, all the same parts or replacement OEM parts. The metal was thick enough so that all holes were filled with a mig welder. The radiator is original as is everything else including the wiring harness.

Thermodynamic parameters, such as standard Gibb's free energy (Δ°), were also evaluated by Van’t Hoff equation.

Thus, adsorption of Cd on this adsorbent was found to be spontaneous and exothermic thermodynamically.

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