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RSS Desktop - has as many features as an i Phone's. easy to add RSS, when browsing the RSS symbol will pop up and using the left soft key, you can add it to the listing. Podcasts (video and audio) I believe that it may be configurable by the rss feeds rather than the PC Suite sync method, at least my phone seems to update them.

PC Suite method will load podcasts daily, and sync with your phone.

I picked up this phone (2 actually) for each after rebates. Has Walkman-like media player for music and video and podcasts, audio books. Locator Services can be left active and minimized so that Google will immediately know where you are. Also Am Aze navigator (the version for the C702, I think) will work on the phone giving you turn by turn navigation for free.

Megabass for headsets, but no stereo speakers on unit (there are lots of external speakers though). (don't look at the phone while driving it's too small)2. I don't know why anyone would actually pay for this monthly.

wish I had when I think of the Telstra POS I ended up with. Me, I skipped that model, went straight to the hamster in a wheel one... Damned thing stunk of rodent after a while and wasn't something you'd wanna put in yer pocket. a sony ericsson Z520 (may have been a Z525) (loved that phone) then a motorola razr (hated it) then a SE W600 or something like that (it had a walkman built into it) a SE W580 one with windows mobile 6 on it (i think it was an htc) a blackberry pearl a blackberry curve a nokia faux iphone back to the curve an iphone 3s an iphone 4 an iphone 4s and now a nokia lumia 920 (to paraphrase tony the tiger, "it's grrrrreat!

Firmware search and download requires server connection with 4SE firmware library.

Complete list of supported models you can find on the official product page, or on the GSM forum.

Product is available in the stock(s) displayed in black.

You'll need SE's webite and tools to reconfigure internet services if you debrand.11.

You won't accidentally open a Internet browser when pressing the central button, it's a Message Center button now. FM radio needs antennae phone jack to work, but if you want to use your standard stereo headsets you'll need it too, to connect with.

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