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Parents should sit down with their teen and have an open and honest discussion about sexting.Discuss ways that they can stay safe and let them know you are available to them if they feel uncomfortable or have had a negative sexting experience."I live next to a cornfield that's next to a cornfield…He was telling me there's beaches here, and they've got all these shops," says Amanda, who knew the man's age."He said, 'If you come here, we can do all these things. After telling her mother she was going to a friend's house, Amanda hitchhiked to Florida. Not long after Amanda returned home, the man came to Illinois.

The man, whose name is withheld for privacy, seemed genuinely interested in her.

Wolak is a senior researcher at the Crimes Against Children Research Center of the University of New Hampshire.

"If they're following the basic rules of behavior both online and offline, which most kids are, they're not likely to have big problems with unwelcome sexual harassment," Wolak says.

Also, if you share personal information like your birthdate, people can use it to steal from you. If people message you in ways that make you uncomfortable, ask them to stop. Remember, no one should use texts or other tools to check on you all the time or boss you around. People may "tweak" their image online in ways that can affect how you think about them (and yourself! In one survey, 74% of girls agreed that girls use social networking sites to seem "cooler" than they are. Pick friends who appreciate you for who you truly are.

Most of us need a little self–esteem boost at times. For example, try not to keep checking your "likes." And resist the urge to post a video asking if you're pretty.

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