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As an IT Professional, you need to understand this servicing model and how you can manage the releases while your organization takes advantage of the new functionality.

This article gives you an overview of this servicing model, and helps you understand the release channels and cadence, and how to effectively manage releases of the Office 365 client applications for your organization.

Use the update option that's right for your devices and your business needs.

We recommend the following: i OS or Android devices receive regular updates from their respective app stores.

Examples of specialized devices: PCs that control medical equipment, point-of-sale systems, or ATMs.

The following illustration shows releases in a servicing world: The following illustration shows deployment in a servicing world: You want up-to-date features, but you also want the control and support you need to run your business.The following illustration shows a traditional release model: The following illustration shows a traditional deployment model: In a servicing model, new features and innovations can be developed and released in a quicker cadence, so that customers are always seeing improvements.Because development has changed, so does the deployment process for an enterprise organization.This means that new features, non-security updates, and security updates are released regularly, so your users can have the latest functionality and improvements.The servicing model also includes time for enterprise organizations to test and validate releases before adopting them.

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